Somerset County respects and embraces the cultural norms of our populations (and beyond). Our diversity is among our greatest assets and what makes us a unique and vibrant community.

Focused on Environmental


Somerset County prides itself as being leaders of sustainability, championing environmentally sustainable practices to make a brighter pathway for future generations.

Partners in Sustainability


Duke Farms works hard to preserve the healthy, ecologically-functioning habitats that coexist with our buildings, gardens, and roads in the landscape. Through diligent stewardship, conservation, and education, they aim to inspire visitors through ecological research and sustainability. At Duke Farms, you’ll find over 1000 acres of land to explore native species, sustainability efforts, and the area’s natural beauty. Walk, bike, take a class to learn more about our conservation efforts and how you can fight climate change. Eat at their farm-sourced, award-winning café or support local farmers at their seasonal farm market.

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Partners in Sustainability


Protecting clean water in our rivers, our streams and our homes is the mission of Raritan Headwaters. Since 1959, RHA has served as the watchdog for the 470-square-mile North and South Branch Raritan watershed, a region covering 38 municipalities including Somerset County. Safeguarding these “headwaters” means clean, safe water for 300,000 watershed residents and 1.5 million New Jerseyans living downstream in more urban areas that depend on the water that comes from our rivers and reservoirs.

Sustainable Growth

County Office of Planning, Policy and Economic Development
Somerset County believes in creating opportunities for businesses by investing and supporting job creation and developing infrastructure that creates vibrant communities. The County’s Office of Planning, Policy and Economic Development manages the open space, farmland, and historic preservation programs.
Acres of County Park System
Acres of Preserved Farmland

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Our nonprofits educate, inspire, nurture, and transform our communities, ensuring a more equitable future for all.

Somerset County Business Partnership

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