Somerset County’s 21-municipalities include diverse industries, eclectic downtowns, suburban to rural landscapes, and exhilarating experiences.

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One Seat Rides

Our ‘one-seat rides’ (direct rides) via the Raritan Valley train line make it easy for visitors to come see our county and for individuals to commute to and from work.

Ride Wise

RideWise is Somerset County’s go-to partner for information on environmentally-friendly transportation. We will connect you to the smartest ways to navigate Somerset County while reducing your carbon footprint and respecting the environment.

Walk, Bike, hiKE

We’re connecting vibrant communities. Somerset County is developing convenient, equitable, and interconnected travel routes, facilities, and networkings in a collaborative

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90 Minutes

New York City

45 Minutes

Cape Cod

4.5 Hours

Washington DC

4 Hours


4 Hours

Niagra Falls

6 Hours

Route 22 Corridor

Connecting Pennsylvania to New York, US Route 22 runs straight through Somerset County. This highway also makes connecting to larger interstate highways such as 202/206, 287 and 78 much simpler.

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